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In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood

Rain Barrels

We’ve uploaded a new video on installing a rain barrel. With the drought we are experiencing in the Southeast, its important to save every drop of rain we are lucky to get. Special credit to Lauri Shubert of Lake City, Florida, for risking malaria and West Nile Virus in getting the mosquito photo used in the video. Great job, Lauri! Ah, what friends will do for each other………


  Garfishes Munch wrote @

Unfortunately no guarantee that it will rain comes with the barrel. Nevertheless, we must do these things. There is no option for folks who care about stuff like the earth.
Good vid cbj. Keep it up. I dream a day when Meck County laughs at water restrictions ’cause we all got barreled.

  Darryl wrote @

GREAT VIDEO! You have to let me know who did your production!

  smelllikedirt wrote @

Thanks! All done by us, right in our own backyard. Of course, our website design consultant is Parker Web Development in Matthews, NC

  AFeierman wrote @

Found my way to your blog through another blog – Simply Thrifty. My husband and I have been recently discussing adding a rainbarell and the video was very informative. BTW really like the video blogs!

  smelllikedirt wrote @

Thank you! Stay tuned for one on composting. I should have it finished and posted by the weekend.

Good luck with your rain barrel purchase!

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