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Smell Like Dirt on NPR Website!

We were notified that the Rattlesnake Rescue Video was selected to be posted on NPR’s Talk of the Nation/Science Friday website!  For those of you who are fans of the show (Friday’s at 2pm EST on WFAE 90.7 in Charlotte), you know that they often request “science related” videos from listeners for their website.  We weren’t sure the Rattlesnake Video qualified as a science vid, but we submitted it anyway and were thrilled when we were contacted by the show’s producer for permission to post the video.  Of course, in this day and age, nothing is that easy, so we had to contact Loye and Sam, the stars of the video to see if they would be willing to sign a release allowing NPR to use their images and names on their site.  Neither one of them hesitated and we all sent our releases in promptly!  Not only is it totally cool to have our video posted on a national, dare I say “international” site, but more importantly, we are hoping that the exposure will educate others on how important snakes are to the eco-system and will make people think twice before they kill one. You may have already seen the original video (at right in VodPod), but check out the video on the SciFri website. Its been edited for length and also has a “never before seen” shot of the snake for a different vantage point that wasn’t included in the first video.

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  Adam Stanhope wrote @

I just saw the Florida rattlesnake rescue video on NPR’s Science Friday site. Wow – that was a HUGE snake!

Like so many people, I am terrified of snakes! Could it be possible that humans are hard-wired to fear snakes or to fear some aspect of their shape or movement? It certainly feels like it to me.

Intellectually, I know that I shouldn’t *hate* snakes, but I can’t help it – I loathe them.

Anyway – thanks for sharing the video. I’ve pretty much concluded by now that the only way to “fix” this snake-hating problem of mine is to desensitize myself to the site of them. Your video no doubt helped in this endeavor.

Thanks again,
Kingston, Massachusetts

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