Smell Like Dirt

In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood


Carol Buie-Jackson and Jay Jackson live in North Carolina. We have three dogs, a small garden pond full of fish (restocked after each visit by the Great Blue Heron) and countless birds, squirrels, insects and other wildlife invited to our 2/3 acre lot in a typical suburban neighborhood. Our backyard was certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat in 1999, by the National Wildlife Federation. Carol is a Habitat Steward with the NC Wildlife Federation, a Master Composter and an avid gardener. Jay and I love spending time outdoors hiking, birding, and kayaking. We hope you will spend more time outdoors rediscovering nature and start smelling like dirt! Contact us at  Follow us on Twitter at


  Craig R. Wyant wrote @

Very nice blog. I will visit often and send address to others.

  Paolo wrote @

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your wonderful workshop I attended at Reedy Creek.
I would like to send you a photo of all the native plants I have in my back yard so may be you will be so kind to help me recognize them and call them with the appropriate name. Let me know how and where I can send you the photo. All the best,

  Charlotte Talks About Going Green « Windsor Park wrote @

[…] 20, 2008 · No Comments The host of my favorite “green” blog, Carol Buie-Jackson, recently talked turkey about urban wildlife on Charlotte Talksa local NPR call-in talk show. You […]

  John, Deb, David, & Kevin wrote @

Thanks so much for your informative web site. We are interested in making our yard more nature friendly and are heading out today to find meal worms. Your website has encouraged us to make our yard a Backyard Wildlife Habitat too.

  smelllikedirt wrote @

Thank you for the feedback! We’re glad you are motivated! Good luck with the mealworms. We are going to try and get them to learn to eat our of our hand this year. If we do, be sure it will show up as a video! Thanks again

  Rosalie Donofrio wrote @

when do you think you will post next plus, were are you located?

fellow bird watcher,
Rosalie Donofrio

  smelllikedirt wrote @

I’m located in Matthews NC near Charlotte. I hope to do some more videos before the summer is over! I do this part time and haven’t had much time recently

Thanks for your comments.

  pelican wrote @

Thanks for the info on the tee shirts. I would like to order but I’m having trouble with the website. Can you contact me? Thanks!

  Missy wrote @

Thanks for such a great resource! A friend of mine, Pat, forwarded your blog to me and I am hooked. I wish I had 10 hours straight to soak it all in, but I’ll take my two minute snippets when I can and begin repeating “smell like dirt” as my new mantra!

  Laura wrote @

Carol, I enjoyed hearing you on Charlotte talks this morning. I am interested in planting more native plants in my yard but need some guidance. Do you design landscape plans which focus on native plants or could you recommend somebody who does? I am in Charlotte. Thanks so much.

  Donna wrote @

I, too, tried to order tee shirts, but was unable to figure out how. If possible, please let me know! I had never heard of you all before, but caught your show on public radio – glad I did!!

  Emily wrote @

Hi there
Just watched your potato bin video and I am proud to report that we too started a similar one this spring. And whoa, my hubby even rigged a fancy looking one. Tell me how I can send a photo and I’ll share it.
No kudos-SPUDS- to you!

  Cassidy Jane wrote @

Your mascot dog is ADORABLE. Poodle?

  smelllikedirt wrote @

Thanks for the comment on Peppi, our mascot! Notice how he gets himself into almost every video! I especially like him at the end of the ‘Roosting Boxes’ video.

We adopted him from a Beagle rescue (of all places!) 6 years ago. They said he is a toy poodle but he’s bigger than most toys. Maybe a miniature? We really aren’t sure. He’s not white so I guess he can’t be a Bishon (sp?)

He is my shadow and unless its really hot, is by my side every moment I’m in the garden. We have three dogs and a doggie door so they come and go at will.

Thanks again for the comment and for visiting Smell Like Dirt!

  Annie wrote @

Thank you so much for your informative videos! They have been very helpful to me. I do have an off-topic question…what is the title of the song you use in your videos? The bluegrass song? I love it and I’d like to find it somewhere.

  smelllikedirt wrote @

Thanks for the feedback and for your question.

The music is royalty-free music provided by Apple when you buy their products. Its called “Acoustic Sunrise”. I’m not sure you can buy it anywhere but try googling it.

Good luck and glad you like it!

  Steven DeJong wrote @

Carol and Jay,
I liked your way of doing potatoes with the hardware cloth, but did you ever try bamboo sheets?? You do it the same way as the cloth, and it works wonderful. Did you ever get the part 2 and 3 done on the video’s on doing the potatoes?? If so I cant find it. Thanks for the ideas!! Steven Dejong in Grand Rapids, MI

  Susan Smith wrote @

Did you harvest your spud-o-matic potatoes? How did it do? I wanted to try it so that’s why I wondered it it worked well for you.

  Jill Reed wrote @

Hi Carol,
Thank you for the compost class . I really enjoyed It!
can you give me the name worm place in Moorsville N.C. Thank you Jill Reed

  Shana wrote @

Love the blog, love the t-shirts! How do I order a shirt?

  Shana wrote @

Love the blog, love the t-shirts! How do I order a shirt?

  Penny Rix wrote @

I saw the video on using water from your AC drain. Catch A Drip actually makes a special hose that slips right on an AC drain pipe to capture and redistribute all of the gallons of water that comes from condensation. The hose has been manufacture special to work on a gravity drip system. Just slip it on and forget about it. It waters continuously day and night.

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