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In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood

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Swat a Litterbug!

Don’t you just hate litter?!?  Litter is ugly, costly to remove and dangerous to wildlife.  A lot of hawks and other raptors are injured and killed each year by cars.  And one of the main reasons is that people throw litter from cars on the roads and highways, which attract rodents to the sides of the roads.  And the presence of rodents attracts hawks and other raptors.   Many cities, counties and states have started Litterbug Hotlines to allow citizens to report Litterbugs.  Here in the Charlotte, NC area, we have two ways to report litterbugs.  You can call the hotline number (704 432 1772)or go online and fill out a report.  I have the number programmed into my cellphone.  When I see someone throw something out the window, or debris fly out of the back of trucks, I use my cellphone to report the deed!  When you witness a litterbug in action, note the license plate number, date/time and location of the incident, and the type of litter (cigarette butt, soda can, etc).  When you can safely do so, call the number and leave the information on the hotline voice mail or go online to fill out the form.  The offending party will be sent a letter informing them that someone reported their “litterbuggy-ness” and a warning of the fines that could result if s/he continues to litter.  If you live elsewhere in the United States, do a Google search for a Litterbug Hotline near you.  Maybe if offenders realize that there are eyes everywhere watching, they will think twice before they toss their trash out of the window.  So go on!  Swat A Litterbug!