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In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood

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The Spud-O-Matic!

The Great Potato Experiment of 2008! We don’t grow many vegetables, but each year, I have the urge to do something people-food related, so this year we’re trying a method of growing potatoes in a small space that we’ve dubbed the Spud-O-Matic. We will be posting updates on our success (or not), and will hopefully finish with a video of us enjoying a great potato salad. So, for all you backyard gardeners, watch and see if this is something you would like to try and if you do, please send us comments or pictures on your experience. Credit for this method goes to David Blackley at Renfrow Hardware in Matthews, NC, but we will take all the blame if it doesn’t work due to silly rookie mistakes.

Local Harvest Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is enjoying a Happy and Safe Holiday Weekend.  We truly had a feast yesterday here at SLD headquarters.  Our turkey and the chicken used in the stuffing and gravy was locally grown at my favorite farm here in the Charlotte area.  The turkey was on the “hoof” so to speak earlier this week, so it was definitely fresh.  The veggies used in casseroles like sweet potatoes and broccoli were also grown locally and the herbs, eggs and milk all came from within 20 miles of our home with some of the herbs right out of our garden.Buying and eating locally grown food is a movement that has gained some traction over the last year and I encourage everyone to find a small organic farmer or two near you to support.  Not only will you enjoyed delicious produce and other food, you will be supporting sustainable agriculture and a way of life that will rapidly disappear if we don’t support it.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and go to Local Harvest to find an organic farmer near you!