Smell Like Dirt

In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood

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Last Composting/Wildlife Gardening Class until the Fall


I’m teaching my last composting and wildlife gardening class until Sept 09 this Saturday, May 9 at the Charlotte Nature Museum (1658 Sterling Rd, Charlotte, NC – (704) 372-6261). This class is sponsored by Mecklenburg County and attendees get a wire compost bin and a book about composting and sustainable gardening practices. Its an interactive class style and I use a lot of pics and short video clips that I take for Smell Like Dirt in my presentation. We’ll discuss using worms for composting kitchen scraps too!

If you want to attend, you must call the Nature Museum directly to register. I hope you will join us! Click here for more information

Local Harvest Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is enjoying a Happy and Safe Holiday Weekend.  We truly had a feast yesterday here at SLD headquarters.  Our turkey and the chicken used in the stuffing and gravy was locally grown at my favorite farm here in the Charlotte area.  The turkey was on the “hoof” so to speak earlier this week, so it was definitely fresh.  The veggies used in casseroles like sweet potatoes and broccoli were also grown locally and the herbs, eggs and milk all came from within 20 miles of our home with some of the herbs right out of our garden.Buying and eating locally grown food is a movement that has gained some traction over the last year and I encourage everyone to find a small organic farmer or two near you to support.  Not only will you enjoyed delicious produce and other food, you will be supporting sustainable agriculture and a way of life that will rapidly disappear if we don’t support it.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and go to Local Harvest to find an organic farmer near you!