Smell Like Dirt

In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood

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Composting Class on Sat 11/10 at Reedy Creek. Call now to reserve your seat in the class

I am teaching a PLANT (Piedmont Landscaping and Naturescaping Training) on Saturday at Reedy Creek Nature Preserve from 9a-1p for Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Authority. The class is $10 (Reedy Creek receives the money for hosting the class) and we will make a hot batch compost pile, talk about soil stewardship, planting with native plants and creating backyard wildlife habitats. You will receive the wire for a compost bin (like the one shown in the video) and a PLANT book with lots of information about composting and a comprehensive listing of native plants for your landscape. If you want to attend, you must call Lenny at Reedy Creek by 5pm on Friday 11/9. 704 598 8857. Its a fun class! Dress for the weather and bring a lunch!

Setting up a compost pile

Fall is in the air and its time to decide what you are going to do with all those leaves in your yard. This video covers the basics of setting up a hot batch, or open bin, compost pile. Its a little long, but it was necessary to make sure you had all the information you will need to start your pile. (If you click on the click on the far right, the video window will be larger). Part 2 will cover turning the pile and uses for compost in your garden. For information about supplies, do’s and don’t’s please visit the “compost” page on the blog or post a question and I’ll try to help. Its very rewarding to make something right in your own backyard to improve the condition of your soil….and for free! or almost free, once you buy the supplies you need.