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Shuttle Launch

The Space Shuttle Atlantis launched from the Kennedy Space Center earlier this week with a payload for the International Space Station.   Depending on where you live, you may be able to see the space shuttle as it orbits the earth and docks with the ISS.  Click here for a list of viewing times and dates for the space shuttle and the space station.

New Comet Now Visible to Naked Eye

A new comet was spotted recently and has brightened to the point where it can now be seen with the naked eye. Check out this article from Sky & Telescope on the tracking of this comet and how this comet caught astronomers by surprise. So, if the skies are clear tonight, get outside and check out Comet Holmes. Here’s a sky map of where you can see it.

The shuttle Discovery landed safely yesterday but you can still see the International Space Station orbiting the earth. Click here to see when the ISS will be visible in your area.

A map for viewing Comet Holmes

Viewing of Space Shuttle and International Space Station

For those of you who live in the Charlotte, NC area, there will be a rare opportunity to see a flyover of the International Space Station at 7:22pm this evening followed shortly by the Space Shuttle (successful lift off today) at 7:35pm. Both will approach from the NW and set in the SE and will be visible for 4-5 minutes. They will look like planets moving pretty fast overhead. If you don’t live in Charlotte, go to the NASA link on the blog and found out when these two space vehicles will be visible in your area!